Getting from the Airport

The easiest way is to hire a car, which also gives you freedom to go site seeing on any rest days. Local transport is available from all airports, its very cheap but the time of the buses may not always coincide with your arrival time.  Any body who wants to bring their own hang glider we can collect you from the airport, email us about prices for collection.

Transport on Flying Days

We will provide transport to the most suitable hang gliding  flying site throughout the day when flying. We are happy to go up for early morning flights in calm air, midday flights for thermal and cross country flying, and evening flights for smooth lift.

We will collect you from landing fields or retrieve you from cross country flights along the designated cross country route for the day. You will need a mobile phone and GPS for this service.

 Non-Flying Days

Although Algodonales offers some of the most reliable flying weather in the world, even we have occasional periods of bad weather. we do our best to  advise you of other things to do on these days to ensure your holiday is not wasted.