Why come with us?

We have run a hang gliding  school since 1984 producing thousands of pilots, during which time we have organized countless flying holidays in many parts of Europe. We have been involved in many disciplines of flying for training, recreational and competition activities; with nearly 30 years of experience we pride ourselves in satisfied clients. Our clear business approach allows you to know all the details of your trip. Good organization together with experience produces a good holiday, excursion or course that flows smoothly.

What level of ability do I need?

Please read the course details for information on the level needed for each type of trip. For instance, it would be inappropriate to attend a cross country based trip if you are fresh out of school; conversely if you are a competition pilot you will be bored with the basic flying done on a low air timers’ trip.

What insurance do I need?

You will need accident and repatriation insurance for flying; contact, www.jsinsurance.co.uk .  This has to be done before you arrive in Spain. Also you need a European Health Card (EHIC) which used to be called the E111. It’s probably wise to take out a personal accident policy in case you are self-employed or your work doesn’t cover you for personal injuries. Please bring the policy with you or email it to rona@lejair.com as we will need a copy of it  for our records. All pilots have to be a member of the BHPA or a similar association.

How do i get from the airport?

You can either hire a car or take a bus, public transport is cheap,  airport collection is possible  prior arrangement, the fee is normally 80 euros

Do I need to hire a car

Transport is provided to all the flying sites. If you wish to do some sight seeing or have a non-flying partner, it’s maybe better to hire a car. It’s cheaper to book the car on the Internet; car hire is very economical.

How do I pay for my course?

We normally take a £200.00 deposits to confirm your place which is paid into our UK account. The balance is due six weeks before the course start date into the same account; on occasions, if it’s a late booking, we will except euros on arrival.

How much experience do I need? 

The paragliding holidays are for pilots with 10 hours or more.

Hang gliding holidays are available for low airtime and advanced pilots.

Training courses are for beginners or people who have started courses elsewhere and are trying to finish.

What equipment do I need? 

Paragliding pilots will need all your own equipment.

Hang gliding pilots. It is difficult to bring your hang glider on the plane. We can provide gliders, bring your own harness and vario  if you have one, if you want to bring your own glider Monac will still take hang gliders.

What do you need to know about me?

We need to know your weight and flying experience, and the glider you fly if you have previous experience.

Is there accommodation for non-flying partner’s wife’s and family?

Yes of course, and there is plenty for them to do as well. We will be happy to help you book whatever you require.

Height for me is a worry; is this a problem?

A fear of falling is a natural fear shared by all, however as the hang glider is so stable and with the support you receive from a comfortable harness, your increasing confidence during training will quickly dispel any anxieties you may have. The gradual transition from your first flights, a few feet above the ground, to your later flights, to hundreds of feet, is a very gentle transition and it allows a student to increase their familiarity and build their confidence in small incremental steps.

 Does age and fitness limit participation?

As with any energetic sport good health and fitness are important. Anyone over 16 years of age, over 6 stone in weight, and of average fitness can do it. Hang Gliding is not a test of strength, it is about skill, control and technique.

What do I do if it’s not flyable? Are there other activities available?

Plenty, there are many alternative activities available locally. Walking in the mountains, the wild life is fascinating with abundant birds flying. Mountain biking: there is a great route on the old railway path from Olvera to Villa Martin. passing through Puerto Serrano. Sight seeing in Ronda and Grazelema. Ronda is the center of bull fighting and has a wonderful gorge central to the town. There are lovely national parks. Swimming in the lakes. The south coast (Costa del Sol) is a mere 60 miles south. Seville is a beautiful old town and typically Spanish. Horse riding is abundant in the area.

What is suitable clothing to wear whilst on the hang gliding course?

Jeans and trainers are very good. Landing on your knees could tear the material and ruin a good pair of trousers. Shorts are great for hot weather, but these leave you knees exposed to damage so we recommend you wear jeans or trousers for the training. Boys, harness straps can catch your sensitive parts so wear well fitting briefs or jockey pants to keep yourself in place.