Training videos

Here is a series of video clips describing many aspects of learning to fly hang gliders at the Lejair School of Hang Gliding.


1. Pre take-off drills and checks, and launching at Poniente, Algodonales.


2. Weight shift control explained with the aid of a tripod simulator.


3. Rigging a hang glider and checking its integrity.


4. Setting up the equipment for a tow training session.


5. Ground handling – a preliminary exercise before flight.


6. First tiny flights with the security of a nose tethering rope held by an instructor.


7. A towed flight demonstration of flying hands free of the control frame.


8. Repeated practice of tow launched take-offs and flared stops.


9. Demonstration of the correct landing sequence.


10. Converting to the lying down (prone) flying style.


11. Towing using a UK club style of chest tow release with associated problems.


12. Foot launching technique with no tow line to help.


13. Foot launch practice at the beach.




14. Meeting leisurely for a meteorological check, then visiting the landing zone prior to flying.


15. Interesting long trip up to take-off.


16. Observing conditions and creating a plan for flight from the west launch at Algodonales.