Flying conditions

Algodonales weather information and flying conditions

The flying conditions in Algodonales offer some of the most reliable free flying  in the world.  Typically 300 flying days per year, with many weeks of thermal activity.


March, April and May offer strong thermal conditions during the middle of the day with the potential for cross country flying.  We will take you to the most suitable sites for hang gliding  and offer advice about local conditions and cross country routes.  We will then retrieve you for a well-deserved beer or another flight for those who prefer!  Even in Spring, morning and evening conditions can be gentle.


July and  August are hot! We will be teaching hang gliding  in Norfolk from begining of August to 5th september.


September, October and November offer some of the best flying with many warm, bright, sunny days, smooth morning and evening flying and moderate thermals during the day for cross country opportunities. Balmy late evening conditions can end a day at sunset.


December, January and February are often bright and sunny with soaring flights often possible.