Things to do

Extra Curricular Activities

Amateur bird watching courses startng in March

When the conditions are not flyable there are many other things to do and places to see, a sample of which is listed below:

  • Horse riding: ask us for detailsĀ  of this.
  • Mountain biking: bike hire is available from various places. There are many routes to ride, one of which is along the disused railway line from Olvera to Porte Serano. Before Franco died there was a rail link planned from Jerez to Ronda where the track was never laid, but the tunnels and path are still there to this day and make excellent walks or rides.
  • Tours, driving by car: a route that is spectacular and worth a day out is from Algo. Go west to Villa Martin and turn left to Pra Del Rey on to El Bosque, which is a popular flying site. Then turn up into the mountains on the back road to Zahara. Each of these little white villages is worth visiting and all have cafes and restaurants. If you have time then go up the steep mountain to Grazelema which is one of the highest villages in Europe. Then down to Ronda with its deep gorge in the centre of town. It’s breath taking to stand on the bridge and look into the gorge.
  • Visit Seville: a really stunning city to visit. About an hour’s drive.
  • Go karting in Conil de la Frontera: This is a great track and a very exciting time can be had here.
  • Visit Gibraltar: a good day out if you want a taste of England while you are on holiday.
  • Wind surfing and kite surfing: Tarifa is the centre for these two sports and a worth while visit.
  • Caving: there are big caves to walk in nearby Ronda. Ask us for more information.
  • Canoes: ask us for more information.

Places of interest

  • Seville
  • Ronda
  • Cadiz
  • Cordoba