Hang Gliding Guiding

Fly Guide Holiday

Site guidance, transport and retrieves

We have more than fifteen years’ experience of hang gliding in Algodonales, we will provide a weather briefing and take you to the best hang gliding  site each day. At the site we will offer advice about local conditions, landings and cross country flying.

Early morning flights with 2000 feet top to bottoms offer calm conditions for those who want them. Later in the day thermal and cross country flights are usual. In the evening conditions become smoother again with easy soaring.

We will pick you up from landing fields and along designated cross country routes and take you back up for a second or sometimes even a third flight every day.

Hang gliding holidays are offered for qualified pilots with CP (or equivalent) and at least ten hours flying experience . The decision to fly is always the pilot’s. If you don’t fancy it for any reason – no worries, we will drive you down again. For pilots with less than 10 hours or those who need extra tuition contact us for a price.

Equipment: you can bring your own glider or we can provide gliders for you. Its good to bring your own harness but for those that don’t have their own kit yet we can provide it for you. A mobile phone is necessary. Radios, varios and a GPS are highly desirable but if you don’t have your own we may be able to help out.

The aim of our Fly Guide Holiday package is to help you get the most from your flying holiday, and to allow you to concentrate on your flying and to let us take on board all the “background ” organization details on your behalf. By their nature, our hang gliding  fly guide holidays are flexible – we can provide as much or as little assistance as you require.  We will make every effort to ensure you a hassle free holiday, without attempting to over-organize you, whilst at the same time we ask you to appreciate that hang gliding is somewhat weather dependent and is therefore not always easy to organize.

You will book your own flight and bring your own kit or we have a variety of hang gliders.  We can offer you advice on local flying sites and conditions, retrieves, flying insurance, travel arrangements, flights, car hire and or transport, packing and transporting your kit, storage of your kit in our workshop, accommodation options, alternative entertainment, places to eat and we can also help you with language problems.

Transport and accommodation

To get from the airport you can either hire a car or take a bus public transport is very cheap, if you want to do some site seeing its best to have a hire car, if you are bringing your own hang glider we can arrange for you to be picked up from the airport, charges are 80 euros each way.

We will arrange accommodation for you. Prices are based on a twin room shared, single rooms are available for a supplement. Houses are normally within easy walking distance of Algodonales town center. Rooms can be in a hotel or in a self-catering house depending upon your preference.


You must have accident and repatriation insurance to cover you for hang gliding or paragliding and a European health card (EHIC). All pilots have to be a member of the BHPA or an equivalent association. Repatriation insurance is available from www.JSinsurance.co.uk

Pilot Information needed

Please let us know your flying weight and experience, what glider you fly, etc.

General Notes

  • Each day involves a minimum of five hours escort, and at the end of the day we will normally go for food or drink.
  • Our driver is available to retrieve you from the bottom landing and transport you back to a suitable launch for a second flight, if desired.
  • During each day if there is space in the vehicle, the driver will offer local pilots transport to launch as well. This generates co-operation between local pilots and us, guests in their country, and often results in local pilots assisting us and our customers when appropriate.
  • In addition you will benefit from our local knowledge. Most local people only speak Spanish so you will benefit from our ability to communicate in their language.  We can show you where to go, where to find things, what to do and not to do, all this helps make your stay more relaxing and productive.
  • Lejair may also be able to repair or get your glider repaired if this is necessary.
  • Refunds are not offered on Fly Guide packages.
  • Fly guide is for pilots with 10 hours plus, if you have less experience ask about our fly tuition holidays.
  • You will need to bring your own kit, hang gliders can be hired from us.
  • You will need to have accident and repatriation insurance and the European health card EHIC which is available from your post office.
  • Don’t forget your driving license if you are going to hire a car.

There are many ways we are able to tailor our holidays to suit your needs. If you would  like a hassle free flying holiday get in touch so we can discuss your needs.

We do hang  glider storage for anybody who wants to bring their own glider and leave it here, contact us for a price