Amateur Bird Watching courses

Amateur Bird Watching – birdwatching for beginners in Andalucía

If you are just starting your journey as a birdwatcher or you enjoy seeing birds in spectacular environments, birding in Andalucía can be very rewarding. Over 450 species of birds have been recorded in the province, which has an extraordinary variety of habitats including rugged mountains, grasslands, marsh and coastal areas as well as acres and acres of olive groves. In Andalucía, we focus on an area bordered by Seville to the west, the coastal area between Cadiz and Gibraltar to the south and Antequera to the east. Within this area, we have a rich collection of birding habitats, including the limestone ranges of the Sierra de Grazalema, the rugged mountains of the Sierra de Nieves, the waterways and rice fields south and east of Seville, the marismas and pinewoods near Sanlucar, the coastal areas between Cadiz and Tarifa (which are fantastic for birds during migration) and the rice fields and grasslands of La Janda.

Given the variety of habitats, it’s possible to see a diversity of bird species, including iconic species such as Flamingoes, Common Cranes, Griffon Vultures, Golden Eagles, Golden Orioles, Hoopoe, Chough. A well-timed migration watch will result in viewing thousands of birds of prey attempting to either arrive in Spain in the spring or depart Spain in the autumn. Andalucía is relatively under-populated and as such it’s possible to see rarities anywhere. If you are keen to enjoy the different habitats we have in our region and learn about the birds in the area and how to identify them, please join our tours.


Available tandem paragliding flights with the vultures: £180.

Bird of prey experience: three hours £50, or  all day for £100 including lunch.

In March 2020 we are offering 4 and 6 day courses bird watching courses. The 6 day course includes the above bird of prey experience and tandem flight with the vulture. The 6 day course costs £700, and includes 5 nights accommodation. The 4 day course is £450 with 3 nights accommodation